Tree Farm Girl Part Two

I have been hard at work on Tree Farm Girl Part 2 for quite some time.  My intention was to have it ready for release on Angie’s birthday.  I was going to celebrate her birth with our further adventures with Jesus.  Alas, I am the kind of writer who never writes a usable first draft.  My first 15,000 words of the new novel are almost all worthless.  I told the story that I lived, but not in a way that was literary in an way.  There was no setting.  There were no characters.  And there was no plot.  I was forced to sit and look at these random anecdotes and ask the hard questions.  What is the center of the story I am trying to tell?  How could it be structured?  Who are the main characters?  Where should it begin and end?  So I have gone back to the drawing board, and am essentially starting the novel again from scratch.  Some of this may be released in a special companion piece.  We shall see.

Nanowrimo 2019

Every November thousands of people around the world take part in National Novel Writing Month.  You sign up at to be a part of the global race.  You are not competing with anyone else, rather you are competing against yourself.  You are committing to writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days!  It is crazy.  I have attempted this challenge thrice, and have written two first drafts (still unreleased awaiting some major edits).  

I love this challenge.  The daily word counts, the community encouragement, the neighborhood write-ins all make this month an unforgettable experience.  I may never publish any of the works I churn out during this month, but I am a fan nonetheless.  

I am swinging the bat again this year.  And this year I plan to pump out the first draft of Tree Farm Girl Part Two.  We will be hosting some write ins over at Hidden Hollows Publishers Facebook page as well as some other cool stuff for writers.  Excited to be putting pen to paper again.

That’s it for this month’s updates.  See you next Wednesday when I post again!


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