If you are like me, then this blog is just one of the many things pulling at your attention.  There are texts, FB messages, voicemails, and more pulling for your interest.  There are chores still undone, stress at work, babies that never stop needing attention, and cars that just keep on breaking down.  We are pulled in a hundred different directions every day.  

And then this blog falls in your lap.  Another thing to read.  More opportunities to love and serve and give.  

Today I have no request to make.  Instead, let me just plant this one idea in your head.  When was the last time you rested in the arms of Jesus?  The last time you bowed your head and let a tear fall because you could stop pretending you had it all figured out.  The last time you bowed your knee at your bedside and let out that long breath before crying out the name of the one who saves. 

I invite you to steal away a moment to call upon Jesus.  Turn off the radio while driving.  Don’t turn the TV on right after the kids go to sleep.  Put down your phone.  Shut down this app and take a moment.  Take a few moments.  He is there.  He knows your name.  He loves you.  And He will carry the burden you keep insisting on picking up.  

Be still.  

Know that He is God.  

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