The Weight of Stress

Where do you put your stress? One place I put my stress is in my shoulders. They get all tight and begin to ache as the days go on. I have friends that put their stress in their head. They get these terrible migraines that knock them down for a few days. I even have even seen people’s hair fall out due to stress. Straight up.

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Discouragement came for me this weekend.  After checking and double checking all our tech we still lost the live feed right in the middle of the sermon.  The internet went down and we had to reset.  It happens, but this is two weeks in a row of dropping the ball on the tech front, and I left Oak Street with my head low.  I felt like a failure.  And the texts and calls I received to poke fun all increased this feeling. 

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The Coronavirus

On Thursday, March 26th, I felt the fever come. I was at the Ministry preparing it to house the homeless of our neighborhood. Near the end of the workday I felt it coming. I felt the fever rising within me. There was a heat emanating from within, and my joints were beginning to ache. I came home, laid on the couch, and tried to do what I always do when sickness comes for me. I thought I would get a nap, wake up strong and able, and walk it off.

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Caught in Adultery

I think sometimes of that woman caught in adultery. This is a woman in sin. She is cheating on her husband and is caught doing so. She is dragged into the street, apparently straight from the act. She sits on the ground, and a group of men stand over her to decide her fate.

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Autumn in Michigan

Winter is coming The snow birds alight The boiler is running The geese are in flight    The green is retreating The dew becomes snow The trees are afire As the pumpkins do glow    Shorts become jeans As the temperature…

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