An End of Speaking

I love words.  With words we tell stories.  We sing songs.  And they can do so much more than convey information.  They are mysterious in how they go out far beyond the ears of those who hear them.  I love turning a phrase, the long pause searching for the right word, and even the most groan inducing pun.  

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I went to Wal-mart yesterday.  I had a list in my hand from school telling me what the kids needed for the year.  Folder, glue, erasable pens(?).  We hunted around, marking off each item as we found it.  It was going to be an uneventful, boring day of shopping.  But it didn’t go down that way. 

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The Weight of Stress

Where do you put your stress? One place I put my stress is in my shoulders. They get all tight and begin to ache as the days go on. I have friends that put their stress in their head. They get these terrible migraines that knock them down for a few days. I even have even seen people’s hair fall out due to stress. Straight up.

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