An End of Speaking

I love words.  With words we tell stories.  We sing songs.  And they can do so much more than convey information.  They are mysterious in how they go out far beyond the ears of those who hear them.  I love turning a phrase, the long pause searching for the right word, and even the most groan inducing pun.  

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The Coronavirus

On Thursday, March 26th, I felt the fever come. I was at the Ministry preparing it to house the homeless of our neighborhood. Near the end of the workday I felt it coming. I felt the fever rising within me. There was a heat emanating from within, and my joints were beginning to ache. I came home, laid on the couch, and tried to do what I always do when sickness comes for me. I thought I would get a nap, wake up strong and able, and walk it off.

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